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And what if we tell you a bit about Drop-Cube ?

About Us

Precision Cutting, Solid Foundation

The first step in creating a diorama involves selecting a wooden block measuring 9 cm by 9 cm by 3 cm as the base support. Using a cutting machine is crucial to precisely carve each block, ensuring uniform dimensions. This fundamental step ensures a solid foundation, providing a conducive canvas for artistic expression and detailed imagination.

Machine qui permets de découper des blocs de bois pour les dioramas

Elemental Blueprint Creation

The second step in diorama crafting involves crafting a pattern that encompasses all the elements destined for inclusion. This entails gathering pixel art images, refined through pixel art software, and amalgamating them onto a single sheet. This meticulous process serves as the blueprint, guiding the subsequent additions to the diorama with precision and cohesion.

Exemple d'un patron pour créer un diorama pokemon

Precision Laser Cutting

The third step involves utilizing a laser machine: the sheet containing the decorative elements is placed within the machine, and then it is instructed to make precise laser cuts. This technique ensures optimal precision in creating the elements intended to enhance the diorama.

image d'une machine laser qui permets de découper du papier

Artistic Final Assembly

In the fourth step, the cut elements are carefully retrieved and affixed onto the wooden block. By then adding smaller decorative elements strategically to the diorama, a captivating universe comes to life. This final artistic assembly process allows each detail to harmonize, creating a visually rich and immersive composition.

image d'une personne créant un diorama personnalisé


At the fifth step, we incorporate a transparent block in which we place the wooden block containing the decorative elements. This method safeguards the diorama while giving it the appearance of a small, immersive decorative block.

image d'un bloc en acrylique transparent vide

Custom Diorama: The Finale

And there you have it, the process is complete. All that's left is to place your custom diorama in your living room, bedroom, or office, wherever inspires you. Enjoy this unique creation, adding an artistic and immersive touch to your personal space.

image d'un diorama de l'univers de zelda
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