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Choose a Plan
That Works for You

Explore our three exclusive formulas for creating your custom diorama:

   1.  Mystery Diorama - DIY Formula: Choose the element of surprise with our random formula. Build your diorama following our detailed guide, adding a personal touch at every step.

   2.  Themed Diorama - DIY Formula: Select your favorite universe from options like Mario, Pokémon, Among Us, Final Fantasy, and more. Create a unique diorama that reflects your style, guided by theme-specific instructions.

   3.  Custom Diorama - Premium Formula: Let us take the lead with our comprehensive customization formula. Drop-Cube crafts and sends your tailor-made diorama, designed according to your unique preferences. Make your diorama experience an exceptional adventure with Drop-Cube.

Create your own

  • Template Mystery Diorama - PDF Formula

    Every month
    • 1 PDF Template diorama
    • 1 Paper model sent by letter
    • 1 video guide
  • Best Value

    Mystery Diorama - DIY Formula

    Choose the theme you like the most!
    • 1 Mystery Diorama, ready to cut
    • 1 Transparent acrylic cube
    • 1 Carved wooden cube
    • 1 Video Guide
  • Custom Diorama - Premium Formula

    Craft your customized diorama to reflect your style.
    • Tailored Diorama Experience
    • Personalized Visual Preview in 7 Days
    • Interactive Customization Discussion
    • Unique Message on the Front
    • Effortless Home Delivery
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